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European Commission supports Argentina in Monsanto battle Marketwath - August 2006



Australia takes world dairy genetics lead for farming future October 2006

Summary: Researchers in Australia’s Dairy Cooperative Research Centre (Dairy CRC) are now able to use genomic selection to provide to dairy farmers the most advanced genetic marker-based breeding tool. The Dairy CRC team is the first in the world to comprehensively link 15,000 genetic markers with 37 key dairy production traits. The claimed advance is described as a combination of a major new technology – the highly successful gene chip technology developed by Affymetrix, and unique Australian resources – namely the ADHIS database and DNA from elite dairy bulls provided by Genetics Australia. Genomic selection technology can thus combine available data from 15,000 genetic markers against which any animal can rapidly be screened for 37 key production traits measured by ADHIS. From this a commercial DNA chip can be developed and used to predict an animals’ genetic potential. Relevant patent applications have already been lodged by Dairy CRC to protect the intellectual property behind the technology breakthrough.



Innovation in the Livestock Industry : Implications for Animal Genetic Improvement Programs Prepared for The Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee Project Steering Committee on Intellectual Property and the Patenting of Higher Life Forms by Dr. Robert Kemp - March 2001


European Directive on the Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions: History, Implementation, and Lessons for Canada Prepared for The Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee Project Steering Committee on Intellectual Property and the Patenting of Higher Life Forms  By Dr. Richard Gold and Alain Gallochat - February 2001

Patenting Life Forms: An International Comparison Prepared For The Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee Project Steering Committee on Intellectual Property and the Patenting of Higher Life Forms  By Dr. Richard Gold - February 2001

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25/09/2008 China's new draft patent law by GRAIN


11/09/2008 Chinese researchers successfully clone pigs with swine fever-resistant gene by


09/01/2008 Glowing Pig Passes Genes to Piglets by Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press





16/04/2009 Farmers march for pigs' genes by Deutsche Welle





ADC, varsity to patent livestock by Vincent Bartoo, The East African Standard, 11 April 2006



 The Netherlands


First use of commercial genomic selection ThePigSite - December 14, 2006





Patent application 28451 published in the Uruguayan Industrial Property Bulletin Nº 84, of October 2, 2006





15/01/2008 FDA Says Clones Are Safe For Food by


08/01/2008 Send in the clones - The FDA's approval of food from cloned animals will bring a controversial issue into the limelight (and the supermarket) by


22/10/2007 Standards and Procedure for the Approval of Proposed Labeling of Fluid Milk, Milk Products and Manufactured Dairy Products by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services.


28/12/2006  FDA Issues Draft Documents on the Safety of Animal Clones

                         FDA: Cloned livestock is safe to eat by CNN


06/09/2006 Start Licensing, Inc.'s Animal Cloning Patent Position Solidified Through Dismissal... by Reuters


Bioethics Retreat 2005 - “Patenting Life: Implications for Agriculture in Iowa and the World” 7 January 2005, Iowa State University






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22/11/2007 Patenting biotechnology inventions: Little harmony in Europe by the European Patent Office


27/03/2007 EPO: Patents on conventional plants and animals by No patents on seeds


08/03/2007 EU to look at cloned meat safety by BBC News


19/01/2007  EU states agree on clone food plan by Chris Mercer in "Truth about Trade Technology"


16/01/2007  Birth of cloned calf poses test for Europe's food safety regulations by Ian Sample in "Truth about Trade Technology"


26/09/2006  Draft EU-Eastern and Southern Africa EPA Comment from GRAIN


07/09/2006  EU: Report highlights benefits of intellectual capital reporting for SMEs


25/07/2006 The EU and Intellectual Property Rights in China article in Subsicom


European Patent Convention 2000 by the European Patent Office


02 Mar 2006 The 12th, revised edition of the European Patent Convention by the European Patent Office

27 Oct 2005 The EPO follows the EU's Directive on biotechnology patents by the European Patent Office - Press releases

24 Apr 1998 Contradictory Rulings by the EPO have provoked new EU Legislation directed at making transgenics patentable by Breffni Baggot at


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Statistical method of determining genetic traits that influence social interactions among animals  Purdue University News

01 Oct 2006 Questions Raised Over Proposed WIPO Secretariat Deals With FAO, IDB by William New - WIPO



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