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The Patenting Sentinel and Action Service (PSAS) is an important initiative of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) as regards patenting in the animal sector. This is an issue which is of uttermost importance for the future of all organizations involved in the sectors of animal recording and genetic evaluation. The latest developments in this field and the future prospects are causing increasing concern among industrialists and breeders, thus stressing the need for continuous updating on the progress of animal patenting issues worldwide and raising the awareness of professionals regarding their possibility to take action towards the protection of their professional interests.


Based on the above concerns, the Board of the International Committee for Animal Recording has considered ways to positively support ICAR member organizations and other interested entities in confronting the issue of patenting in animal breeding. The result of the deliberations is the ICAR Patenting Sentinel and Action Service, formed in March-April 2006.


The service is based on an international network for the exchange of information, comprising initially those ICAR Member Organizations who expressed their interest in this initiative, and potentially open to other organizations worldwide. A contact person in each MO is responsible for sending information to the network, with the aim to create a centralized, ICAR-managed pool of patenting-related information from a wide range of countries worldwide. ICAR has the task of collecting all information and placing it on this website. Furthermore, additional information is collected by an appointed technician and by the ICAR Secretariat, so as to ensure a continuous monitoring of the international developments in the animal patenting sector.


The PSAS website is managed by the ICAR Secretariat and is under the direct supervision of ICAR’s Secretary General, Dr. Andrea Rosati.




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The mission of the ICAR Patenting Sentinel and Action Service (PSAS) is to:

- constantly update its members on patenting application legislation in the animal sector, so as to lead to a deeper knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of this issue;

-  monitor specific patent applications worldwide, which are of most interest to its members;

- possibly take action in a rapid and effective way in relation to specific patenting applications.




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List updated on 27 October 2006


  Organization Country
1 Canadian Dairy Network   Link Canada
2 State Breeding Institute of Slovak Republic   Link Slovak Republic
3 National Fund for Scientific Research   Link Belgium

German Cattle Breeders Federation   Link

5 Irish Cattle Breeding Federation Society   Link Ireland

United Dairy Farmers   Link

United Kingdom
7 State Animal Breeding Supervision Service   Link Lithuania


9 Czech-Moravian Breeders' Corporation, Ltd.   Link Czech Republic
10 Holstein de México   Link Mexico
11 Dutch Organisation for Cattle Improvement   Link The Netherlands

Livestock Improvement   Link

New Zealand
13 Holstein UK   Link United Kingdom
14 Swedish Dairy Association   Link Sweden

South African Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association   Link

South Africa
16 Faba Breeding   Link Finland

Instituto Nacional para el Mejoramiento Lechero    Link

18 Danish Cattle Federation    Link Denmark
19 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schweizerischer Rinderzüchter (ASR)    Link Switzerland
20 Förderverein Biotechnologieforschung e.V.(FBF)   Link




21 MDC breeding+    Link United Kingdom


PSAS is supported by:

 ICAR  - International Committee for Animal Recording


 EAAP  - European Association for Animal Production


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